For many years we have worked with non-profits to help them tell their story or meet their goals. Schedule a consultation with us today and find out how we can help you.

The Wow Flower Project, LA.

Activities include Farming, Agriculture, Pageantry, Talent showcase and more! Support, Donate and Impact!

Check us out here: http://wowflowerproject.com/what-we-do/

Freke Umoh

The Largest African Church in the US, celebrates their Youth Ministry in NC. #YASM19 #RCCGNA

Restoration Prayer House, TX.

The Spotlight is on Imma...Founder of Restoration Prayer House.

Real Talk Listen Up

Real Talk Listen Up is gearing up for a two day, two night getaway to a fabulous home in Grand Rapids, MI. Sign up here: www.realtalklistenup.com. - Powered by Transformation Gems

In Pursuit Of Sanity

Lavinia Reynolds has a new publisher! Plus an exclusive interview with ChiTV about book #2. Grab your copy at Laviniabookempire.com ~ Powered by Transformation Gems.

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