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Thank you for visiting us. We love creativity. Here at Chichi Movies Inc, we pride ourselves in relationships that last! We still work with our very first clients and currently employ our very first staff member. We would love to film your story. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are satisfied! We provide complimentary promotions of your content and develop other commercial pieces to help you sell your products.

Our Award Winning Films


We have produced 9Films to date. 

Dirty Pastor (Now available on Vomoz).

Red Flags I,II&III (Sequel), Of Sentimental Value(Feature), now on Amazon, The Strangers Game (Short), Mad Love's Tribal Echoes(Short) & Angel and the Mailman. We are looking to help content developers spread their wings! Currently, we are working on a new release, ‘Angel and the Mailman’ this spring! This award-winning film is starring Michael Blackson, Van Vicker, and Maniysha Nayee. 

TV Shows


In 2014 we launched CHITV, which supports all our TV programming, and development. We aired TV Shows in over one million homes in the US, with attached advertising. We are currently developing a reality show series, two documentaries, and a docu-series

More About Us

The Power of Videos


Do you know how quickly a video can change a life? We the experts say, faster than ever. We are excited to help our local businesses grow or impact our communities! Restoration Prayer House supports widows and orphans and we support them. We are honored to meet their video needs.We are here to film your story.

Youth Media Initiative


We are so delighted to have this program ongoing for over 6 years. We have shot several programs, films and TV shows, spotlighting kids and the Youth. We have now developed a curriculum and teach ‘Media responsibility’. Find out about our winter film camp and or when we can stop by your local school or community center.

Product Placement


We are excited to launch this division, that empowers businesses on a local, national. and international level. We are interested in placing your business in one of our films, Tv shows, documentaries and more. We currently have an NBA Film project, an Award-Winning book Series, Two powerful documentaries and more. Let us get your business placed.

What's Next?

Client Connections

Creating your content for TV


We are excited to help our clients create their own TV Shows! Find out more!

Let Us Get You Connected!


BNI had over $15 billion in closed business - 2018. Let us get you plugged.

Your Own Music Jingle


Find out how we can make you a jingle for your business needs!

In the News

Angel and the Mailman 2020

Calling all artists and musicians. Enter you music for Chance to be on the new Soundtrack.

Thank you for all the support! Find out how you can be a part of the documentary today!

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H&H Jewelry Design, Lansing, MI. is launching their new ad! Check it out!

#fund3r is live!


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The Brand

Consulting & Motivational Speaking


The Brand embraces empowerment. It is the core of our company. Our CEO consults with each client one to one. She directs, motivates and ultimately inspires! Get a free consultation today.

Spotlighting You!


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or an event? We can help you from start to finish! Designing simple commercials, recording a video or covering your event, let us help you. Read our reviews here:

Chi Fit Dance & Co.


Chi Fit make some noise!!!! Its going down with our high powered short dance videos that keep you fit fine and fun :). Plus free beauty, makeup, hair and body feel good tips! Let's get Fit, Fine and have Fun!

Jingles Loading


We are now writing Jingles for our clients. Get an exclusive jingle made for your business. An original tune dedicated to helping others find you when they need you. We have written a few so far and look forward to sharing the music with the community!

Filming with Passion


So, as you can see, its not all about movies here. The brand is expanding beyond our wildest imaginations. We believe filming content empowers us to speak in higher words. It's all about people. We are passionate about their story. -Chichi

Mid-Michigan Youth Media Initiative


We love Media! That is what the young folks are screaming out! We hear you loud and clear, so now we want you on set! Are you passionate about all or some things media? We would love to hear from you.

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