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Edna Chichi Njoku 'aka' Chichi Stylxz

Entertainer, Producer & Entrepreneur, 

CEO- MychichiTV, ChichiMovies / ChiTV Media / ChiFit Dance Co.

Its all about people, we are passionate about their story- Chichi

How it all Started

Established in 2011 by Edna Chichi Njoku, CCM INC, has evolved into an Award Winning Indie Film Company, gaining accolades from the Indie Film Fest, African Oscars, the Dove Foundation, to mention but a few. Check out our films and grab a copy today.

The Brand

Welcome to ChichiMovies Inc. the parent company to ChiTV and Chi Fit.
Chichimovies- #chichimovies
ChiTV- #chitv
ChiFit-  #fitfinefun 

video services 

media consultation 

motion picture film

The Films

Angel and the Mailman '19

Starring Michael Blackson and Van Vicker. 

The Story

 A dyslectic teenager is not communicating well with her foreign parents. Tragedy follows, with a twisted ending!

The Strangers Game '18

The Story

The Strangers Game is a thriller set in a gamers world. Ted becomes lost in the game he knew and played so well.

Red Flags I & II '15 Red Flags III '18

The Story

Find out how important it is to deal with the roots of Abusive relationships, and how God always has a way of working things out! 

Of Sentimental Value '16

Starring Malik Yoba, and Tiny Tommy Lister, John Dumelo, Vitalis Ndubisi and more. Now Available on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Sentimental-Value-Tommy-Tiny-Lister/dp/B01KYP40VA

Dirty Pastor '12

Our 1st film

                             The Story

Pastor Hannah and Pastor Abraham have become the church Bonnie and Clyde. But some is watching! 

Mad Love the Movie '19

 In Pre-Production

                              The Story

 When the past Echoes, listen, for it might just change the trajectory of the present and the future!

The Brand

Consulting & Motivational Speaking

The Brand embraces empowerment. It is the core of our company. Our CEO consults with each client one on one to direct, motive and ultimately inspire! Get a free consultation today!

Spotlighting You!

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or an event? We can help you from start to finish! Designing simple commercials, recording a video or covering your event, let us help you. Read our reviews here:

Chi Fit Dance & Co.

Chi Fit make some noise!!!! Its going down with our high powered short dance videos that keep you fit fine and fun :). Plus free beauty, makeup, hair and body feel good tips! Let's get Fit, Fine and have Fun!

Music Music Music

Music makes me loose control....i wanna rock right now, i wanna i wanna rock right now.... For years the brand has taken local recoding artist's music and placed them in films, TV Shows and more! Find out how your music can be heard on our content. Click the button below.

Filming with Passion

So as you can see, its not all about movies here. The brand is expanding beyond our wildest imaginations. We believe filming content empowers us to speak in higher words. Its all about people. We are passionate about their story. -Chichi

Mid-Michigan Youth Media Initiative

We love Media! That is what the young folks are screaming out! We hear you loud and clear, so now we want you on set! Are you passionate about all or some things media? We would love to hear from you.


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