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Chichi is a visionary. She can see not only what you describe to want for your event, she can see the best outcome and how to reverse engineer it. The main idea she came up for my event was exceptional…frankly a billion dollar idea. Then the supporting ideas to the main idea were equally genius. I don’t easily excite, but her excitement, her energy, her authenticity opened me up to get excited as well. For those who know me, that in itself is miraculous. Chichi, thank you for taking the time to care, hear and support. You listened to my heart and are helping me to meet the goals accordingly. I highly recommend Chichi Stylxz. Looking forward to working with you on this event and on many more to come.

Flerida S.J.- NYC book Launch 2019


Hi Chichi, good afternoon, I love the fact that you are organized and have a vision for me in where it needs to be taken. You are well put together in your thoughts and don't require much in making things happen. I can appreciate the fact that you give me 100% of your time and you are willing to go above and beyond what's needed. I look forward to working with you and your gifts and talents. I look forward to leveling higher with you and with your achievements and resume of accomplishments. I feel the confidence that it will happen. Thank you for being the mastermind behind the success that I'm getting ready to achieve. 

Dana H- Washington State, DC


When it comes to sponsorship, there are loads of consultants that say they can help you, but Chichi help you make it happen. She enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to dream bigger than I was before. I am now able to go after the sponsorship dollars with confidence, and this is only after one session. I can’t wait till our next meeting. 

Wendy A. -Dubai & London book Launch


I am still catching my breath, it was not just a pleasure but an amazing experience speaking with ChiChi. She is gifted in her skills and abilities to get the job done. Her ideas are from the heart of her spirit.

Ramona Phillips
CEO, TraumaDefeated.llc
Co-Author: Fearless Visionaries

Event Management Classes

Beginner $299

Free 30 minutes Consultation

  Fill out the Questionnaire

 * Review the free consult

* Review your city and state

* Review your event date

* Review template(1)

Intro rate $198

Basic $499

 * Beginner Course

* Step by step sponsorship offerings (what to expect)

* Step by step sponsor samples review

* City and state contact sponsor list (2 contacts)- Will meet you.

* Two videos to promote your event or business

Intro rate $399

Silver $1,999

Beginner & Basic

* Four videos for promotion

* Basic Social media management (extensive management cost more)

* Connecting your sponsors to you 

* Introducing you to National sponsors

* Radio promos and tv 

* Radio interviews and magazine

Intro rate $998

Gold $2,999

Beginner, Basic & Silver 

* Eight videos for promotions

* Basic Social media management

* Connecting your sponsors to you

* Introducing you to National sponsors

* Radio promos and tv promos 

* Radio interviews and magazine 

* Custom made intros & outros 

Intro rate $1998

Platinum $6,999

 Beginner, Basic, Silver, Gold

* Twelve videos for promotions

*  Social media management 

* Connecting your sponsors to you

* Introducing you to National sponsors

* Radio promos and tv promos (free)

* Radio + magazine interviews 

* Custom made intros & outros 

* Celeb guest appearance at your event

Intro rate $5,998

Diamond $10,999

 Beginner, Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum

* Celeb guest appearance at your event

* Exclusive Branding and Tv appearance

* Make your own movie (Short Film)

* Enter into festivals

* Become an award winning producer or star

Intro Rate $9,998


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